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You may be considering reinstating your auto insurance policy, but you aren't sure how to go about doing so. The process of renewing an existing policy is easy enough, but getting approved for a completely new policy can be a little more tricky. You will probably need to have a complete and thorough driving history in place before the insurance company will even consider approving your application. Read on to find out how this will affect your chances of getting a great rate on a new policy...When you initially purchase an auto insurance policy, there are a lot of things that are considered. One of the first things they will look at is your driving record. If you have a history of driving unsafely or even reckless, your premium will be higher. This is because you are considered a higher risk to them than someone who has never had a wreck or any accidents on their driving record.This is why it's so important to keep your driving record clean. You can do this by driving safely all the time. If you haven't been in an accident or have two or more moving violations, your rate will decrease significantly. In fact, most insurance companies offer a discount if you have a clean driving record. They don't want to take the chance on someone who might make a mistake one day and then be surprised by a large insurance rate increase. Keep your driving record clean and you'll be surprised at just how affordable auto insurance coverage can be.Another thing that insurance companies will look at when reviewing your insurance history is your age. Your age will affect how much coverage you get. Younger drivers, especially, generally don't get as many options as older drivers. There are several options that an older driver can choose from, but most of these are pretty standard. If your parents' car insurance policy was canceled because you were too young to drive, you can still make car insurance plans with these companies.There is also the average 6-month age gap in between drivers and their parents' coverage. If you are over this age, your parents may not be able to get you coverage as much as you would if they had chosen the average 6-month age gap instead of the state minimum bodily injury limit. Fortunately, if you don't have coverage because you're too young to drive, you can still do everything above the state minimum bodily injury limit and get coverage.One of the reasons why companies may think that you need to get insurance sooner rather than later is because you have one or more lapses on your coverage. Lapses in coverage mean that you've been without coverage for a certain period of time. When an insurance company reinstates your policy, it means that they give you another chance to get all of the lapsed coverage removed from your record.If you have a lapse, you can request that your car insurance policy be reinstated after you've waited a certain period of time. To get insurance on cadillac cts , your insurance company must check with your state's department of motor vehicles. The DMV will let your insurance company know the details of your situation, including any lapses in coverage. Then, the company will reinstate your policy. If your state has different requirements than your current state, your company probably has a list of requirements that must be met.If your current insurance policy lapses, you can still drive your vehicle legally until your new policy is issued. However, you won't be able to get comprehensive coverage. The best way to avoid having your vehicle's insurance lapsed is to keep a clean driving record. Any tickets or claims against your car will have severe penalties when they are added to your permanent record. You should also be prepared to pay for any lost insurance coverage once your insurance company to reinstate your policy.